Special Events

Join us for an evening of music, culinary delights, and celebration that will transport you to the heart of Italy
Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of live tribute music and authentic Italian cuisine. Our skilled local musicians pay tribute to legendary artists, crafting a vibrant atmosphere that will have you dancing on your feet
Our expert chefs will craft a menu of classic Italian dishes, using only the finest ingredients to create an exceptional dining experience. Our selection of wines and cocktails perfectly complements our cuisine and live entertainment, ensuring a memorable evening for all. 
24th March
Madonna Tribute

14th April

28th April
Tom Jones

12th May
Dolly Parton

19th May
Amy Winehouse

9th June
Abba (duo)

16th June
Italian Opera

14th July
Tina Turner

28th July
Frankie Vally

11th August
Elton John

6th October
Freddie Mercury

13th October
Soul & Motown

Past Events


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